The History of Denham Aerodrome

The history of Denham Aerodrome is a long and fascinating one. The aerodrome played its part in both World Wars, in between being home to a wide variety of civil aviation activities, a role it continues to this day. Like all aviation enterprises, this is not just the story of a place but of people; so included in these pages you will find many biographies of famous names and people of vision interspersing the narrative.

Below you will find a filing cabinet, clicking on the drawers will lead you to the stories and images from that period of the aerodrome's history. Initially, the drawers will be greyed out but periodically a new section will be added until the history is up to date.

Denham in 1944 Denham in the First World War John Myles Bickerton Denham in the early years Denham in 1934 Denham in 1935 Denham in 1936 Denham in 1937 Denham in 1938 Denham in 1939 Denham in 1940 Denham in 1944 Denham in 1946 Denham in 1947 Denham in 1948 Denham in 1949 Denham in 1950 Denham in 1951 Denham in 1952 Denham in 1953 Denham in 1954 Denham in 1955